Our partners

SAVE Volunteering was established in 2006 by Carla Ferreira, who was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Many local communities, pre-schools and schools are unable to provide effective programs due to lack of funding, resources and skill levels. With the assistance of volunteers, these shortcomings were addressed and SAVE slowly grew into a large organisation that now provides assistance to several communities in 7 countries across Africa.

Hero Holidays is a volunteer tourism organization founded by Lorraine Keenan, a proud inhabitant of Johannesburg, who celebrates her Irish heritage as Chairperson of the Irish South Africa Association in Gauteng. Lorraine sincerely believes it is here in the ‘golden province’, Gauteng, South Africa where Hero Holidays volunteers will gain a true African experience while at the same time enhancing life for disadvantaged communities.

Curiocity is a network of African design hostels, founded in 2013. With over 180 beds across properties in Johannesburg and Durban and an additional 250 beds in Cape Town opening soon, the company is growing to become one of the largest establishments of its kind on the continent. However, the hostels have a personal feel and Curiocity aims to make every traveller – from globe trotter to local visitor – feel at home and experience the city like a local.

The Skepping project in Johannesburg is supported by the Dutch embassy in Pretoria, South-Africa,

Our sponsors

Skepping is sponsored in various ways by the parties below. We are happy with their contribution!

Ambi Aerial

Ambit Aerial made the drone shots during the recording of the promotional video in Johannesburg and will enter into further cooperation with us in the future.


Budgetcam has sponsored the Skepping team with camera equipment for recording the promotional video in Johannesburg.

Roma Film, Richard van Oosterhout, has made a camera available for recording the promotional video in Johannesburg.


TeamSpullen.nl sponsors the Skepping team with bright, orange Fair Trade Hoodies, which we wear at the events where we are present.