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The Skepping project

Many cities on our planet are dealing with the problem of plastic waste. Plastic that ends up in the environment, where it accumulates and ultimately disintegrates into micro-plastics. In the longer term, this poses a threat to the health of humans and animals. But even in the short term all this plastic waste has an impact on the liveability of the city.

The initiators of stichting Skepping (Skepping Foundation) want to contribute in a creative way to the solution of this problem. The problem of plastic waste is so widespread that we had to make a choice for a location. That choice ultimately fell on the largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg. The Skepping project was born.

Our goal

We want to help creatively solve the problem of plastic waste in Johannesburg, by collecting this waste and recycling it locally into useful products. In this way we create sustainable employment for residents of the townships and with the products we can support schools in the townships to renew and supplement their school furniture and other facilities for the students.

Why we're doing this

Like many large cities, Johannesburg has a huge problem with plastic waste. Moreover, unemployment in poor neighbourhoods is high, with little prospect for people to improve their situation. In addition, many pre- and primary schools in these neighbourhoods struggle with outdated or even lack of classroom furniture and facilities.

This is our plan

  • In a period of two years, each half year students from Dutch art schools will do an internship in Johannesburg. The students will be linked to Johannesburg residents, to whom they will transfer their design and production skills.
  • With the help of local organisations SAVE Volunteering and Hero Holidays, the teams will ensure that plastic waste from the city streets is converted into practical, usable products. Setting up a sustainable, loacal production facility is also part of the goal.
  • The products that the team designs and produces will be donated to selected pre- and primary schools in Johannesburg. Think of classroom furniture such as tables and chairs, and pencil cases and rucksacks for the pupils.
  • Any remaining products will be sold via the Abel & Tosh platform. Of course, we will put all profits from these sales back in the project.


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