The team

The Skepping project is supported by a team of ambassadors and other team members.

Ambassadors — Skepping is supported by a number of Dutch celebrities, who not only support the project, but are also actively involved in the Skepping activities in various ways. They rightfully deserve the honorary title of ambassador!

Other team members — the Skepping team also consists of a small but growing group of enthusiastic people who are almost tirelessly engaged in shaping, coordinating and implementing the Skepping activities, starting with the Skepping project in Johannesburg.


Anne-Marie Jung has been part of the Dutch television and theater world since 2000. A modern life with more layers than just the glamor of showbiz. Her partner trades in second-hand finds and her entire interior and wardrobe are made up of vintage items. Sustainability is always on the top of her mind. That is why she supports Skepping and, together with us, ensures that plastic waste in Johannesburg has a new purpose.

Photo: Bart Honingh

Melissa Drost is an actress who is known for the role of Tessa and Charlotte in the musical 'Soldaat van Oranje' and Sjors in the soap series 'Goede tijden, slechte tijden'. Melissa's mother lives in South Africa and works on sustainable projects there. That explains Melissa's passion for sustainability and the environment, which she introduces with enthusiasm to the Skepping project. Melissa is also a board member of Stichting Skepping.

Patrick Martens is known for his roles in the soap series 'Goede tijden, slechte tijden' and 'Zoop' and the musical 'The Bodyguard' and as a presenter at Nickelodeon. Patrick is happy to be involved in various projects and charities. As a Skepping project supporter, he and the rest of the team ensure a better environment and good working conditions in Johannesburg.

Other team members

With her passion for photography and artistic style, Celine Terpstra brings the stories of the Skepping project to life in captivating images as a photographer. With this she supports, among other things, the social media campaign for the project.

With his unique style and eye for detail, the creative Daan Hoexum converts images into narrative videos. As an editor, he ensures that all the impressive video material of the Skepping activities comes to life as a whole for the viewer.

Eva Breda has a passion for beautiful stories and a perfect sense of language. As journalist and copywriter she incorporates the indescribable experiences surrounding the Skepping project into text. In addition, she works together with Rutger on the coordination of the Skepping activities.

The bold and creative Lotte Heerkens captures the stories and developments within Skepping in a unique way. She is partly responsible for the videos that can be seen on the website and supports in making the documentary about the project that will be shown afterwards.

After hearing about Skepping, South African Megan Swart couldn't put it out of her mind. With her expertise in digital marketing and as a producer at a specialized local photo and video photography agency in Johannesburg, she decided to join forces and support Skepping. She is now doing this by focusing on social media.

Consultant and technical coordinator Pieter van Stempvoort ensures that Skepping can be followed by everyone by maintaining our website and always being on top of the latest updates. He also supports the entire project with advice and tips and is a board member of Stichting Skepping.

Robbert Zoon is an expert and advisor in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. With his expertise, he supports the development and publicity of Skepping and thereby gives the project extra energy.

Rutger van 't Klooster, as co-owner of sustainable design platform Abel & Tosh, is enterprising and always looking for innovative forms of sustainability. He came to the concept for the Skepping project during one of his nocturnal meditations and see the result here! Rutger is particularly concerned with coordinating the Skepping activities. He is also a board member of Stichting Skepping.

As a consultant within Skepping, Ruud van 't Klooster supports the entire project. With practical matters, contacts and coordination, he provides guidance and tips that help ensure that the project is where it is today.